Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Let's start off with a cliché

To blog or not to blog, that is the question.  How cliché is that?  Especially, for someone suddenly without a job, without a stressful schedule to fill the day, and with diminishing reasons to change out of his pajamas before lunchtime. 

And why not?  It seems blogging is more contagious than ever, the perfect outlet for anyone anywhere who has something to get off their chest, opinions they want to express, accomplishments they want to brag about, half-baked theories they want to inflict on others, or family events they simply want to share.  How could you resist not doing it? 

When I became unemployed a few months ago, several friends suggested blogging as an option for keeping myself busy.  And, when you think about it, blogging isn’t that much of a leap from the almost daily updates I make on Facebook about the oh-so-mundane circumstances of my life. 

But still, it was with a bit of trepidation that I circled around the idea of starting a blog of my own.  Am I exhibitionistic enough?  Probably.  Narcissistic enough?  Sadly, yes.  Do I have enough to say beyond more than one or two posts?  Ah, there’s the rub.  I guess we’ll find out. 

What I see as the natural subject matter for this blog are my observations and experiences as an American who has lived for a long time oversees in a relatively little-known country in the far northern boreal region of Europe.  Namely, Finland.  I’ve been here long enough to feel this is my home, the land where I’ve settled and raised my family and where I’ll probably live out the rest of my days.  At the same time, I’ve never stopped being interested in what’s happening back in my other “home”, the States.  It’s more fascinating than ever to watch the events unfolding recently Stateside, and especially to see them through the prism of living in what many Americans would probably consider a “socialist” country.  Hopefully, there will be plenty to rant about.  Blog on!

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